5 Shipwreck Seeds for Minecraft 1.13 [Video]

Minecraft Video Provided by akirby80

Check out some of the best Shipwreck Seeds for Minecraft Java Edition. This roundup, Top Minecraft 1.13 Shipwreck Seeds, is another by our video partner akirby80′. While these seeds were picked for their shipwrecks you’ll find that each of these seeds has far more to offer than merely poor seamanship. Of course, all of the seeds in the video are for the Update Aquatic and later (1.13).

The seed from HQ that was featured is our Shipwreck plus Ravine with Mineshaft seed posted back in July of 2018.

Give the video a watch, and subscribe to akirby80 on YouTube to get Minecraft videos with top seed lists, in-depth seed walkthroughs and more!

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