Buried Treasure Map in Shipwreck at Spawn

Minecraft Buried Treasure Seed

Seed: transport
Seed Code: 1052964649
Platform: PC/Mac (Minecraft Java Edition)
Tested On: Minecraft 1.13


Here’s more fun from Minecraft Java Edition’s Update Aquatic! This Minecraft buried treasure seed has a shipwreck right at the game spawn point. The ship is overturned and partially on land. Inside you’ll find a buried treasure map. Put that map in your hand and you’re on your way to finding the hidden loot.  To get started, enter the seed ‘transport’ or use the seed number 1052964649. Swim on over to the shipwreck and start your treasure hunt!

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Shipwreck Spawn Java Edition
From the game spawn point the shipwreck is just a few blocks away.
Treasure Chest on Shipwreck
The treasure chest on the shipwreck contains the treasure map.

Buried Treasure Map
The buried treasure map reveals the location of the loot.
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