Desert Temple, Jungle and Mesa Spawn

Minecraft Desert Temple Seed

Seed Code: -2043652089
Platform: Minecraft PC/Mac (Java)
Tested On: Minecraft 1.12


When we spawned in this desert temple seed we didn’t immediately notice the desert temple. It’s sheltered from view by jungle trees. Seeing it was a bit of a surprise, and of course we looted all the chests. But, we found the best part of this seed to actually be how beautiful it is in all directions. The spawn point is beside a small pool. The spawn biome is jungle, and the biome the temple is in is a sliver of desert which is adjacent to a mesa biome.

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Temple from Spawn
The desert temple from the game spawn point in a jungle biome.

Jungle, Mesa and River
The jungle biome is split from the mesa biome by a river.
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4 Replies to “Desert Temple, Jungle and Mesa Spawn”

  1. there is also a pleautua, (in the mesa biome) and with that is a cave, in that cave there is a spider dungeon I don’t know the loot, because I just found it

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