Desert Temple by Ocean’s Edge

Minecraft Desert Temple Seed

Seed Code:260525210
Platform:Minecraft PC/Mac (Java)
Tested On:Minecraft 1.11


It’s easy to find the desert temple in this Minecraft seed. When you spawn you will be between an ocean and the desert temple. The biome you have spawned in straddles a desert and savanna biome. Inside the temple you’ll find a good collection of the usual loot. Standout items include an enchanted book, golden apple, iron ingots, a saddle and iron horse armor. The horse supplies will come in handy as there were plenty of horses roaming in the area (might be a good time to learn how to make a lead). Check out more temple seeds for PC / Mac.

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Desert Temple from Spawn - Minecrat
The desert temple in this seed is visible from the spawn point.

Horses near Desert Temple
We found herds of horses near the temple in this Minecraft seed.
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