Mesa Riddled with Abandoned Mineshafts

Minecraft Mesa Seed

Seed Code: -2130460257
Platform: Minecraft PC/Mac (Java)
Tested On: Minecraft 1.11


Spawn in a Mesa Biome (Mesa Plateau F) that is full of abandoned mineshafts to explore. As you’d expect, there’s tons of surface rails and easy access to gold on the walls, ceilings and ground of the mineshaft’s chambers. Clay? Of course, there’s tons of orange and red clay blocks to grab. Looking beyond the mesa biome there’s a savanna biome that stretches up above the cloud layer in the distance. One our collection of mesa seeds for PC/Mac.

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Beyond the Mesa Biome
Beyond the mesa biome there is a savanna that rises above the clouds.

Mesa Rails and Mineshaft Entrances
It’s easy to find mineshaft rails and entrances in the mesa plateau f biome.
User Rating 4.48 (25 votes)

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