Mesa Surrounded by Ice Plains

Minecraft Mesa Seed

Seed: serieshard
Seed Code: -477058078
Platform: PC/Mac (Minecraft Java Edition)
Tested On: Minecraft 1.12


In this beautiful Java Edition Mesa Seed the spawn point sets you in an ice plains biome looking at a mesa biome. The mesa biome itself is quite small and surrounded on three sides by an ice plains biome. On the fourth side is deep ocean. We love mesa biomes, but they look so beautiful when their rich red blocks are complimented by white a predominantly white and blue landscape.

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Ice Plains from Mesa Biome
The view looking out over the ice plains from above the Mesa.

Spawn in Snow by Mesa Biome
The game spawn point is in the snow of an Ice Plains biome looking at the Mesa.
User Rating 4.67 (6 votes)

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7 Replies to “Mesa Surrounded by Ice Plains”

  1. I used the seed in 1.13 and it’s amazing! Though there is no ice biome, there is still a Mesa and an ocean. There is also a mineshaft peaking out the side of the Mesa biome near 36.122 / 87.00000 / -143.551 .
    Really cool! 😀

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