Minecraft for PC/Mac Service Outage June 7th

If you experience any issues playing Minecraft on the PC or Mac Java version on June 7th don’t worry — it’s Mojang/Microsoft Studios, not you. On the Minecraft.net site Tom Stone announced that there will be a service outage on that date. Downtime should be short with around two hours planned for according to the post on the official Minecraft site.

Most systems related to the PC edition of Minecraft and account.mojang.com will be unavailable – but for hopefully no more than a couple of hours. Minecraft.net will still be functional, but the store pages and account-functionality will also be unavailable.

The nature of the maintenance outage is somewhat vague. The post cites “essential downtime” so that they can upgrade their systems.

Minecraft PE, Windows 10 and Switch Edition

Players of Pocket or Windows 10 Editions will not experience any downtime. Similarly, Nintendo Switch and console players will remain unaffected. If you normally play the Java version but also play Minecraft PE, grab a Pocket Edition Seed from our sister site and give Pocket Edition another spin. You may be surprised how far it has come!

Monitor Mojang Status

While there will be another update on the Minecraft.net site closer to the actual downtime our recommendation \or up-to-date information is to follow Mojang Status on Twitter.

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