Minecraft Seed Forum BETA Access

When we polled the community, 90% of visitors said they would use a Minecraft Seed Forum. We’ve been working on getting a forum setup, and are happy to have a BETA ready for use!

We’re making the Minecraft Seed HQ Forum open for a small number of users. Interested? Read below to see if it’s for you:

What do we mean by BETA?

The forum is complete and functions without any obvious errors. We do think that there are areas for improvement, but all the functionality the forum needs exists today.

Expectations of a BETA forum member

As a BETA forum member our ask of you is very simple:

  1. Share seeds that you have found for Minecraft Java Edition and/or Minecraft PE/Bedrock Edition.
  2. Request seeds you’re looking for.
  3. Give feedback on the forum posts of others when it makes sense to.
  4. Let us know when you see something that could be done better on the forum.

More of a lurker than a poster?

Right now the Seed Forum is ready, but what it lacks is content. So, as a BETA member that is what we need the most. If you are more of a lurker, that’s okay, but you wouldn’t make a good fit for the BETA period. You’d be better off waiting it out until there’s more content there.


We will keep the forum open to BETA users if this link is still available: Minecraft Seed Forum

Thanks for learning more about the forum. We’re excited to get the conversation started!

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