One Step Closer to Minecraft 1.12 for PC/Mac

Nathan Adams provided a quick update about the road to 1.12 on the website. The topic of his post was the latest Minecraft Snapshot, 17w14a. This latest push was mainly focused on bug fixes as evidenced by the list of changes provided in the blog post.

What fans really want to know is when Minecraft 1.12 will be released for the Java edition of the game. The article notes that the 17w14a snapshot pushes things ‘one step closer to 1.12’ but provides no additional detail regarding a hard release date.

UPDATE: Minecraft Java Edition 1.12 has been released!

Additions and Changes in Minecraft 1.12 Snapshot 17w14a

  • Added a shift-click ability to the recipe book
  • Added new advancements, including a new “adventure” tab
  • Added some new bugs!
  • Changed the right-click action of parrots to sit
  • Notify players when they advance, or unlock new recipes
  • Technical change: Updated a bunch of libraries. Did we mention we’re using java 8 now? Woo!

Bug Fixes in Minecraft 1.12 Snapshot 17w14a

  • Fixed bug MC-114879 – Picking up an item has a chance to duplicate it
  • Fixed bug MC-114896 – Parrots don’t make any sounds when they are on your shoulder
  • Fixed bug MC-114943 – Items in crafting table disappear when selecting a recipe
  • Fixed bug MC-114976 – Parrots don’t show up on subtitles
  • Fixed bug MC-114987 – Unknown recipe message not translated
  • Fixed bug MC-114989 – recipe command causes unknown errors with invalid player argument
  • Fixed bug MC-114999 – Hover text of items in crafting grid is rendered behind crafting help
  • Fixed bug MC-115028 – Crafting recipe pop-up renders above items in the inventory gui
  • Fixed bug MC-115054 – Recipe interface doesn’t remember “showing all/craftable” preference when inventory closed
  • Fixed bug MC-115065 – “loot” reward for advancements does not provide items
  • Fixed bug MC-115067 – All instances of entity-matching conditions do not function for advancements
  • Fixed bug MC-115070 – Issue with crafting table UI on non-16:9 instances
  • Fixed bug MC-115074 – Potion effects are still rendered under the recipe book
  • Fixed bug MC-115100 – Hover text of items in crafting help does not use same text and text box like hovering over item in inventory
  • Fixed bug MC-115107 – Helmet does not render after using autorecipe feature
  • Fixed bug MC-115123 – Parrots keep moving their legs even if they are on shoulders
  • Fixed bug MC-115129 – Missing crafting recipe resources render in front of item description
  • Fixed bug MC-115153 – recipe command not showing an error with invalid first argument
  • Fixed bug MC-115175 – New crafting menu texture bug
  • Fixed bug MC-115191 – Parrots disappear completely when leaving the End via a portal
  • Fixed bug MC-115204 – Crash when canceling/changing recipe in recipe book with full inventory
  • Fixed bug MC-115209 – Crafting Book Not Accounting for Item Count

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