Amazing Aquatic Minecraft PE Seed [1.14]

Minecraft PE Mushroom Island Seed

Seed Code:3181587
Minecraft:Pocket Edition/PE/Bedrock Edition
Tested On:Minecraft PE 1.14 (Bedrock)


There’s a lot of aquatic update goodness packed into this Minecraft PE Seed! Enter the seed ‘grow’ and wait for the world to render. The spawn point is on one of two small, very livable islands. Just offshore of the second island (not the one you spawned on) there is an ocean ruin. But, we’re going to focus on what is in the other direction.

The next, larger island you can see is a mushroom island. There’s plenty of mycelium and mooshrooms, regular size mushrooms and the giant ones, too. Offshore you’ll find an ocean monument. And, if you continue further in the ocean beyond the mushroom island, you’ll come up on an iceberg field, too!

We decided that the high point on the mushroom island would and awesome place to set up base. That’s our plan, and now we need to get building!

Let us know what other cool ocean biome discoveries you make in the comments below!


Mushroom Island Spawn
The mushroom island is easily visible from the game spawn point.
Underwater Ocean Monument
Underwater there is an ocean monument just off the mushroom island’s shore.
Mooshroom and Ocean Monument
A mooshroom and the ocean monument as seen from the mushroom island.
Iceberg Field and Ocean
The iceberg field is visible off in the ocean biome.
Drowned at Ocean Ruin
The ocean ruin is offshore from the spawn island. Watch out for the drowned!
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