Surprise! Floating Island Seed for Bedrock/PE 1.14+

Minecraft PE Abandoned Mineshaft Seed

Seed Code:109774369
Minecraft:Pocket Edition/PE/Bedrock Edition
Tested On:Minecraft PE 1.14 (Bedrock)


Floating Islands? We thought these things didn’t render in PE/Bedrock Edition anymore. Well, apparently we were wrong. Enter the seed ‘stscr’ (or 109774369). You’ll spawn on the edge of an ocean with a cool view. But, turn around and face the sun. The view has a the rare treat of a floating island.

At first we figured one of the corners of the land mass was touching the ground. But, it’s a true floating island, freely hovering above the ground below. Our only wish would be that it was a bit higher off the ground. But, we’ll take it all the same.

Anyone else found a floating island seed in version 1.14? Let us know!


Floating Island - Side View
Viewing the floating island from the side you can see it has a few trees atop it.
Hovering Landmass
That’s one big chunk of land overing above the plains biome beneath it.
Spawn Point to Floating Island
From the game spawn point, turn to face the sun and you’ll see the floating island.
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5 Replies to “Surprise! Floating Island Seed for Bedrock/PE 1.14+”

  1. My son has a floating island in his bedrock world – I’ll get the seed this evening for it. It’s way high off the ground – above a hilly biome.

  2. I have seen many floating islands on bedrock 1.14, but not this big of one. However, this island is not really good for my style of construction

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