Best Minecraft PE Seeds (Bedrock)

The current list of best Minecraft PE Seeds for Minecraft Bedrock Edition for iOS (iPhone, iPad), Windows 10, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. These Minecraft PE Seeds are ranked based on their popularity. Seed rankings are updated daily.

#1 Insane Minecraft Bedrock Edition Seed [PE 1.11, 1.12+]

You can't ask for much more at spawn than what this seed has to offer. Within visible distance of the spawn there's two villages. One is a top a ravine. The other is on top of two plus a stronghold and a mineshaft. And, there's also a desert temple, too! A Bedrock Edition seed for 1.11 and higher.

#2 Savanna Villages on the Great Plains [Minecraft PE 1.12 Seed]

This Bedrock Edition seed spawns on a large plains biome flanked by savanna villages on two sides. One savanna village is beside an ocean biome while the other is in the mountains. A great seed to kick off a survival or creative game.

#3 Bedrock Badlands with Exposed Spawner and Ravine Dungeon [1.11, 1.12+]

Awesome Bedrock Edition badlands mesa seed for Minecraft PE/Bedrock Edition 1.11+ with exposed spawners, surface minecart chests and abandoned mineshafts. Our new favorite mesa seed for PE/Bedrock.

#4 Savanna Village, Badlands and Mineshaft [Bedrock/PE 1.12+ Seed]

Spawn in a desert biome right beside a pyramid. Inside you'll be rewarded with gold, diamonds,

#5 Surprise! Floating Island Seed for Bedrock/PE 1.12+

Wow. We didn't think that floating islands happened anymore. At least we haven't come across a seed with one for PE/Bedrock 1.12. Well, that all just changed. Our official, first Minecraft PE Floating Island Seed for 1.12 is on the books! The floating island

#6 Bamboo and a Panda (Minecraft PE 1.12.1 Seed)

Start your game off in a dense bamboo forest. There's pandas in the surrounding area and a beautiful jungle biome surrounding the bamboo. Close by there is some beach and an ocean for further exploration if you don't want to take on the jungle.

#7 PE/Bedrock Great Loot from Pyramid at Spawn [1.12+]

Spawn in a desert biome right beside a pyramid. Inside you'll be rewarded with gold, diamonds,

#8 Diamonds Below Spawn Village – Minecraft PE 1.12 Seed

This Minecraft PE 1.12 seed code spawns within viewing distance of a savanna village. Dig beneath the village bell, all the way to bedrock, and you'll be rewarded with diamonds!

#9 Amazing Aquatic Minecraft PE Seed [1.12]

What's in a great aquatic seed for Minecraft PE? How about an ocean ruin just off the spawn point, a large mushroom island with an ocean monument offshore, and an iceberg field just a bit further toward the horizon!