Badlands Island Chain Minecraft Seed

Minecraft Badlands Seed

Seed Code: 291430071
Platform: PC/Mac (Minecraft Java Edition)
Tested On: Minecraft 1.13


Is it a mesa biome or a badlands biome? As of Java Edition 1.13 it’s called badlands. And, this is more than just a badlands biome, it’s a badlands island chain in the middle of warm ocean. Enter the seed ‘BLUECATS’ to give this unique island adventure a look. The start island is small and void of much of anything. The other islands in the immediate chain don’t have much to offer beyond red clay (and beautiful views). Speaking of beautiful views, the largest of the four islands has some cool lakes on its flat plateau top. Journey off to the west if you need wood or want more land to explore. It’s still badlands, but this is a large landmass that extends off into the distance. There’s some trees there, too. One of the most beautiful Minecraft seeds we’ve stumbled upon in awhile.

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Badlands Biome (formerly Mesa)
A large neighboring badlands biome (formerly mesa biome).

Badlands Spawn
The spawn view in this badlands seed for Minecraft Java Edition.
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4 Replies to “Badlands Island Chain Minecraft Seed”

  1. Was searching around this seeds area in creative found 2 wrecks treasure maps and a bunch more cool stuff ganna play in survival to see how it’s like then thank you so much for the great seed. ?

  2. Just to clarify, while it is a mostly treeless biome in every direction, there is a hidden secret beneath the islands if you need wood! Diggy diggy or swimmy swimmy and you’ll have everything you could need!

  3. Hello! Just wanted to tell you that if you wanted GOLD ore, listen to my instructions:
    Head to largest island.
    Keep searching until you find a crack of cave with water and dig to make an entrance.
    There will be gold ore, but not a ton.
    It also isn’t a cave.
    Sorry but that’s all a found.

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