Minecraft Seed: Island in Iceberg Alley

Minecraft Iceberg Seed

Seed: faildog
Seed Code: -1086590626
Platform: PC/Mac (Minecraft Java Edition)
Tested On: Minecraft 1.14


This is a cold island to spawn on! In this Minecraft Iceberg Seed for Java Edition the spawn point is on an island with a lot of elevation change, especially when considering how small the island is. A top it there’s a few trees to make a survival campaign easier.

Out in the deep ocean there’s icebergs as far as the eye can see. Some are large, and a few tower up toward the clouds. The other neighboring landmasses that can be seen appear too small to be continents, so they must be islands, too. For Java Edition 1.13 and higher.

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Iceberg Island Seed for Minecraft
A view from the highest point on the island. Plenty of icebergs out there!
User Rating 3.28 (18 votes)

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2 Replies to “Minecraft Seed: Island in Iceberg Alley”

    1. When you first create a seed, you can put anything (any characters – a word, letters, numbers, some punctuation, etc.), or nothing at all. Those characters are then used as salt in the hashing algorithm that Minecraft uses to determine everything about a seed that the world render algorithm generates (biomes, terrain, ore, generated structures, etc.). For us, a ‘seed’ is what you typed in. If you type in nothing, The world render algorithm uses the current system date-time stamp. Once the world render algorithm processes, there is a new number that kicks out of the algorithm. That new number, or the initial text/characters/phrase/etc. that was typed in both will generate the same world. Some people prefer to use the ‘seed’ as well define it (as it’s often easier to remember) others, the number.

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