Best Minecraft Island Seeds

The current list of best Minecraft Island Seeds for Minecraft Java Edition for Mac/PC. These Minecraft Island Seeds are ranked based on their popularity. Seed rankings are updated daily.

#1 Who left this ship here? Java 1.14 Seed

One small island consumed by a village with a shipwreck inside it. Nope, we're not kidding. And, it is all right at the game spawn point! A great Minecraft world seed all around for Minecraft Java Edition 1.14 and higher.

#2 Impressive Loot Pull – Minecraft Island Seed for 1.14+

Grab the impressive loot from the two shipwrecks and buried treasure in this savanna island seed for Minecraft 1.14 and higher (Java Edition). There's several enchanted items, heart of the sea, emeralds, gold and more. A great seed to kick off a game of survival.

#3 Vast Flat Plains and a Large Roofed Forest Island [Java 1.14/1.15 Seed]

Spawn in a large flat plains biome beside a massive roofed forest island in the seed for Minecraft Java Edition 1.15, 1.14, and greater. A great survival or creative game start with scattered resources, a shipwreck and a village. And, of course, the vast flat plains biome is perfect for building a castle or city.

#4 Pillager Outpost Island – Minecraft 1.14 Seed

In this Minecraft 1.14 Seed, spawn on an small island that has a pillager outpost on it! This seed works on Minecraft 1.14 (Java Edition) Village & Pillage or higher.

#5 Massive Island w/2 Shipwrecks, Coral Reef [Java] 1.14

Spawn on a massive island in this Minecraft Seed for 1.14 Java Edition. It might be better described as a mini-continent! There's two shipwrecks, a large coral reef, tons of resources for a survival game, too!