Best Minecraft Jungle Seeds

The current list of best Minecraft Jungle Seeds for Minecraft Java Edition for Mac/PC. These Minecraft Jungle Seeds are ranked based on their popularity with the top seed rated #1. Seed rankings are updated daily.

#1 Dense Bamboo Forest in Jungle for Java Edition

Spawn in a dense Bamboo Forest in this seed for Minecraft Java Edition. The spawn point is in a jungle biome beside a river and bamboo forest.

#2 Killer Spawn: Beside Jungle Temple by Pillager Outpost! [1.14]

In this Minecraft Java Seed for 1.14 and higher the spawn point is beside a a Jungle Temple (Pyramid) within view of a Pillager Outpost. The proximity of the pillagers to the village should create some fun spectator action!

#3 Desert Blacksmith Village at Jungle Spawn plus Dungeon with Mob Spawner

Spawn in a jungle biome within a few dozen blocks of a desert blacksmith village in this PC/Mac Minecraft seed. Don't miss the fossil and dungeon/mob spawner, too!

#4 Jungle Village, Plains, Flower Forest and a Pyramid [1.14 Seed]

In this Minecraft 1.14 seed (Java Edition) there is a jungle village (actually a savanna village which creeps into a jungle biome) right by game spawn. Other highlights: flat plains ready for building, a flower forest, and a desert biome with a pyramid/temple nearby.

#5 Dense Jungle, Mesa and Desert Java Edition Seed

This Minecraft Java Edition world seed spawns in a jungle biome at an ocean's edge. There's a beautiful mesa/badlands biome and a massive iceberg, too. For Minecraft version 1.13 and greater.

#6 Bamboo Forest, Jungle Biomes meet Ocean [Minecraft 1.14 Seed]

In this Minecraft 1.14 Seed for Java Edition the spawn point is on the edge of a massive bamboo forest. The bamboo forest is surrounded by a jungle biome which is on the coast of an ocean biome, too!