Spawn Above the Clouds – Savanna Extreme Hill

Minecraft Mountain Seed

Seed: CKND
Seed Code: 2070558
Platform: Minecraft PC/Mac (Java)
Tested On: Minecraft 1.12


This Minecraft seed has a very cool spawn point. Enter the seed ‘CKND’ (or the seed code number 2070558). When the world renders you’ll be just above the cloud layer on the edge of a savanna extreme hill. One side of the mountain has steep cliffs that drop to the ocean biome below. On that side of the mountain you’ll find two huge features – a lava flow and a waterfall. By the time they reach the ocean the lava flow is about a dozen blocks wide. The waterfall is even more extreme – over 20 blocks wide!

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Waterfall, Lavaflow from Ground Level
The mountain’s massive lava flow and waterfall from ground level.

Spawn Point Above the Clouds
The spawn point is above the cloud layer on this savanna biome extreme hill.
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