Mesa Seed with Jungle and Savanna Biomes

Minecraft Mesa Seed

Seed Number:2044649
Platform:Minecraft PC/Mac (Java)
Tested On:Minecraft 1.12


This Minecraft mesa seed spawns you at the intersection of three of our favorite biomes: mesa, jungle and savanna. The actual spawn point is where jungle is meeting the beginnings of a mesa biome. Exploring the large mesa we found the savanna and that the mesa biome transitions to a beautiful mesa plateau biome. There’s also an ocean that runs beside the mesa plateau to explore. Sometimes the landscapes that world render pulls together make for a seed that is special just because of the combination of biomes and how they appear beside each other.

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Mesa, Jungle and Ocean Biomes
The spawn point is where the mesa and jungle biomes meet.
Mesa Plateau Biome
The mesa in transition from mesa to a mesa plateau biome.
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