Cool Mansion and Shipwreck Minecraft PS4 Seed

Minecraft PS4 Mansion Seed

Seed Code:-736121172
Minecraft:Playstation 4 Edition/PS4
Tested On:Minecraft PS4 1.90


Enter the seed ‘weakplay’ (or -736121172) on your Playstation 4 to check out this mansion (and shipwreck) seed. When the world appears, you’ll be on an ocean’s shore. Behind you, the biome turns cold with snowy forest and frozen river. What we’re after is nearby, not toward the cold, but up the coast.

Move up the ocean coast with land on your left and the ocean on your right. You’ll soon see the mansion appearing on the horizon. It’s just out of view when you spawn, so you don’t need to explore far. When you get closer, you’ll notice there’s a second bonus in this seed: there is a shipwreck in a small bay right in front of the mansion, too!


Spawn to Mansion Direction
As seen hovering over the spawn point, follow the arrow to the mansion and shipwreck.
PS4 Mansion and Shipwreck
Approaching the mansion, a short distance from the world spawn point..
Snowy Biome and Frozen River (PS4)
Inland from spawn you’ll find it to be cold with snowy forest and froze rivers.
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