PS4 Witch Hut Spawn Seed

Minecraft PS4 Witch Hut Seed

Seed Code:-1849958791
Minecraft:Playstation 4 Edition/PS4
Tested On:Minecraft PS4 1.90


Spawn within steps of a witch hut in this witch hut seed for the Playstation 4/PS4 edition of Minecraft. Enter the seed ‘sweetbridge’ (without the quotes) or enter the seed by number, -1849958791.

When the game starts you’ll be on the edge of a thin strip of plains biome that quickly yield to one of the smallest swamp biomes we’ve ever seen. Sheltering the tiny swamp biome (and the witch) are some modest extreme hills.

Nearby resources and biomes in this seed include birch trees, ocean, mountains, plains and forest. For PS4 players with version 1.90. If you have a different version of PS4 Minecraft and the seed works do share that in the comments below!


Swamp Biome - Playstation 4 Seed
The tiny swamp biome which holds the witch hut in this PS4 seed.
PS4 Seed - Swamp, Plains, Ocean and Mountains
Nearby biomes in this seed include the tiny swamp, mountains, plains and ocean.
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4 Replies to “PS4 Witch Hut Spawn Seed”

    1. Hmmmm… It was definitely found on the 1.9 version. Will check it out and see if it works for us (again). Maybe one of us had a typo when entering the seed. You’re on PS4 version 1.9, yes?

  1. Damn this seed is really good (im on ps4 1.90 ) i found a mansion an aquatic temple and a desert village, u can found a spider spawner in the mansion secret room if someone have found a skeleton spawner tell me the coordinates pls

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