Beautiful Mansion at Spawn Seed for PlayStation 4

Minecraft PS4 Mansion Seed

Seed Code:76127099
Minecraft:Playstation 4 Edition/PS4
Tested On:Minecraft PS4 1.90


In this Playstation 4 seed you spawn where a jungle biome and birch forest biome intersect. And, you’re staring right at a mansion! The seed is PIGLY, or 76127099.

When you spawn, take a quick spin around and you’ll see how close that mansion is to the game spawn point. After you explore the mansion, you can set back out into wild and check out the jungle, birch forest, desert and mountainous biomes that surround it.

Let us know what you find if you take on this PS4 seed!


Mansion from Game Spawn
A view of the mansion from the game spawn point which is in a jungle biome.
Jungle, Forest and Swamp Biomes
You’ll find a jungle, forest and swamp biome to explore (shown). You’ll also find birch forest and desert.
User Rating 3.29 (28 votes)

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