Desert Temple Spawn Seed

Minecraft Desert Temple Seed

Seed Code: 1756427906
Platform: PC/Mac (Java Edition)
Tested On: Minecraft 1.12


The only thing that would make the temple in this desert temple spawn Seed closer was if you were standing on top of it! Enter the seed ‘CROWTIN’ and when world render does it’s magic you’ll be staring at a desert temple. The chests have some sweet loot, too. After raiding the chests you’ll have  emeralds, gunpowder, enchanted books, gold, iron, a saddle and a golden apple (and more) in your inventory. Surrounding the temple you’ll find desert, taiga and roofed forest biomes to explore. Enjoy!

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Temple Chest Contents
The temple chests have a golden apple, enchanted book, saddle and emeralds!
User Rating 4.42 (19 votes)

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4 Replies to “Desert Temple Spawn Seed”

  1. there’s also a skeleton spawner behind it with enchanted golden apple and two iron horse amour and a bunch of other stuff

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