Desert Village on top of Desert Temple

Minecraft Desert Seed

Seed: fileeps
Seed Code: -854994388
Platform: Minecraft PC/Mac (Java)
Tested On: Minecraft 1.11


This one of our favorite Minecraft Seeds. Enter the seed ‘fileeps’ and you’ll find a nice village with a glitch. The desert village by spawn has generated on top of a desert temple. Parts of the temple peek out through the village here and there. The temple itself is intact including the lower chamber and four chests. Standout items from the chests include an enchanted golden apple, golden apple, emeralds, gold ingots, horse armor and saddles.

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Temple Loot Chests
The contents of the desert temple’s chests.

Temple by Desert Farm
Part of the desert village with the temple emerging by a farm plot.
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2 Replies to “Desert Village on top of Desert Temple”

  1. this seed is even better on java 1,15 as a blacksmith spawns with 5 diamonds in the chest and 5 obsidian

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