Blacksmith Village with Iron Armor

Minecraft Blacksmith Seed

Seed: xegos
Seed Code: 133933950
Platform: Minecraft PC/Mac (Java)
Tested On: Minecraft 1.11.2


There’s a two sets of two iron armor items at game spawn in this Minecraft seed. The seed to enter is ‘xegos’. When the game begins you will be right by a blacksmith NPC village. Inside the blacksmith’s chest you’ll find two iron boots and two iron chestplates. The biomes at the spawn point are desert and savanna, with the village itself spanning a river that splits the two climates. Not far away you’ll find savanna m (mountains) as well as a beach and ocean.

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Blacksmith Chest Armor
The iron armor in the blacksmith’s chest.

Savanna Biome Beyond Village
The savanna biome beyond the village has some nice extreme hills.
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