Ice Spike Seed with Flower Forest Spawn

Minecraft Ice Spike Seed

Seed: aboutkzkz
Seed Code: -1338961877
Platform: Minecraft PC/Mac (Java)
Tested On: Minecraft 1.11


This Minecraft ice spike seed has more than the spikes going for it. The game spawn point is in a flower forest which borders the colder biome. Exploring the ice spike biome we found plenty of spikes of varying size, but also waterfalls and overhangs diversifying the top-block layer. Overall a nice mix of cold and temperate biomes that contrast to make a unique seed.

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Frozen River by Ice Spike Seed
A frozen river runs through the ice spike biome.

Waterfall Ice Spike Biome
A beautiful waterfall in the Ice Spike biome.
User Rating 4.46 (13 votes)

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5 Replies to “Ice Spike Seed with Flower Forest Spawn”

  1. Oh my god I am absolutely in love with this!! Problem is finding a place to build, there’s a plains biome right next to it but I wanna build in the forst biome and I don’t want to ruin the terrain haha, I think I’m gonna build on the top of this beautiful mountain that overhangs a beautiful pond! It’s so pretty!! (Works for me on 1.12) Theres also sugarcane, an extreme hills biome, a taiga biome, a normal spruce forest biome, and a ton of cows and sheep in the extreme hills biome. All right next to eachother! This is literally my new favorite seed!!! Thank you to the person who found this seed! It is absolutely beautiful! 😀

    1. Woohoo! Glad you like it. That has to be our favorite thing – when we know we found a seed that someone really loves! Enjoy Minecraft 🙂

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