Iron Blacksmith Village Spawn

Minecraft Blacksmith Village Seed

Seed Code: -1741643936
Platform: Minecraft PC/Mac (Java)
Tested On: Minecraft 1.12


This Minecraft Java Edition seed places you right beside a blacksmith village. The village blacksmith has collected some iron ingots (enough for a base if you’re looking to make an anvil) you can grab as well as some food. There’s more iron to be found at the far end of the village. Specifically, the iron ore can be mined in the cave beneath the village farm. Surrounding the village there are a few different biomes including taiga, birch forest, savanna, plains, swamp and ocean. Between the blacksmith and the iron to be mined nearby, you should be able to craft up a full set of iron armor fairly easily. Enjoy!

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Village Blacksmith
The blacksmith hoards iron ingots, apples and bread.

Biomes Surrounding Blacksmith Village
Surrounding biomes include taiga, birch forest, swamp and plains.
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9 Replies to “Iron Blacksmith Village Spawn”

  1. Tested in 1.7.10, player spawns directly in the town, with plenty of wheat available right away. Recommended plan of action: explore the buildings and collect some wool from the floor of one room, and then make a bed. Put the bed in your favourite building, so that when night begins to fall, you can close the door and sleep through it. Some of the traders might give you emeralds for wheat.

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