Marooned – Shipwreck on Survival Island Spawn – Java Minecraft Seed

Minecraft Shipwreck Seed

Seed: evilfrogs
Seed Code: -782825413
Platform: PC/Mac (Minecraft Java Edition
Tested On: Minecraft 1.14


Here’s a new twist on a Minecraft Survival Island seed: a shipwreck. And, it’s one of our favorite Minecraft 1.14 seeds. That makes this one a marooned survival island seed. Enter ‘evilfrogs’ as the seed to give it a shot. The island doesn’t have any trees on it, nor are there any on the horizon. The shipwreck does have chests with resources to keep you alive. And, if it’s wood you’re looking for, you’ve got some of that in the ship’s hull, too. For Java Edition Update Aquatic (1.13) and higher.

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Distant Land
There is some land in the distance but there’s no sign of trees.
Stone Beach
In another direction a stone beach is visible (also without trees).

Survival Island Seed
The survival island seed from above.
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14 Replies to “Marooned – Shipwreck on Survival Island Spawn – Java Minecraft Seed”

      1. Mouse is right – if you’re entering the number, it should have had a ‘-‘ (minus sign) before the number… so, the correct number is: -782825413

  1. In 1.14, the shipwreck spawns below the water, partly sticking out of the side of the island. Otherwise the same, I think.

  2. Hmm, in 1.14.4 it doesn’t work the same. It’s an island still but has trees, and the ship is underwater completely, off to one side. It does have a nice sized crater by the spawn with coal and the water is hovering on the edge of the crater, like one of those eternity pools. 🙂 I used -782825413. I wish I could post pictures in my comment. It looks interesting, if not the same.

  3. Seed works – kind of. There is a ship but there is also a huge jungle right next to it so it’s not really a castaway map. Using Java 1.15

  4. Well, I found this seed in my Education Edition app. The seed is:967549405. The ship is just beyond the spawn point. It’s around 50 blocks away from the spawn point. Just go to the edge of the coast somewhere and you’ll see the ship. It’s a small island with the ship beached on it. Try on Java AND PE both to make sure. Aquatic update probably.(PS:try creative mode! Fly up and look around and you’ll see the ship!)

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