Mountain Blacksmith Village and Witch Hut (Bedrock)

Minecraft PE/Bedrock Edition Blacksmith Seed

Seed: maceckn
Seed Code: 825217104
Minecraft: Pocket Edition/PE/Bedrock Edition
Tested On: Minecraft 1.7.1


This Minecraft seed has two great generated features right at the games spawn point: a blacksmith village and a witch hut. The witch hut is close by, in the swampy water you spawn beside. The village is off to one side. And, most of the blacksmith village is high up in the air. Some of the NPC village buildings are embedded into the sides and tops of the mountain biome. A few villagers even have mountain-top homes with awesome views of the surrounding biomes. A great start for a survival or creative game.

Minecraft PE Seed Screenshots

Mountain Blacksmith Village
The mountain blacksmith village from the game spawn point.
NPC Blacksmith Village
The NPC blacksmith village embedded in the mountain.

Village Swamp Hut
The village from the witch hut in the swamp biome.
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