MCPE Floating Village Seed

Minecraft PE Jungle Temple Seed

Seed: marabell
Seed Code: 237634118
Minecraft: Pocket Edition/PE/Bedrock Edition
Tested On: Minecraft 1.10.0


We love floating village seeds! Check out this one submitted by a Facebook Fan. The village is in the middle of the ocean. It appears to be floating there on it’s own, but there is actually some strips of land beneath it that you can see here and there.

To play this floating village, enter the seed ‘marabell’ (or the number 237634118). When you spawn, you are on top of one of the village buildings. Looking around you’ll see a nice, complete village with a blacksmith as well as a church. And, surrounding it, deep ocean. The village itself covers 90% of the island. In the distance you can see other islands, too.

Credit: This seed was submitted by a user calling themselves Kevzy. Whenever we get a submitted seed, we do our best to find where it came from and give proper credit. We did some searching on Google and found that this seed was submitted to another MCPE site quite a bit ago.

Minecraft PE Seed Screenshots

Distant Island - Deep Ocean - MCPE
A distant island is visible across the deep ocean.
Floating Village - Church
The floating village is complete with a church.
Village Blacksmith
The village has a blacksmith hanging out over the water.

Blacksmith Loot - MCPE
The blacksmith loot is decent.
User Rating 3.14 (28 votes)

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3 Replies to “MCPE Floating Village Seed”

  1. I tried both the seed and the seed code. The code spawned me by an island with a few islands nearby. The seed itself spawned me on an island as well, just no other islands nearby. Neither had a village.

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