Savanna Villages on the Great Plains [Minecraft PE 1.12 Seed]

Minecraft PE Savanna Seed

Seed Code:508164565
Minecraft:Pocket Edition/PE/Bedrock Edition
Tested On:Minecraft PE 1.12 (Bedrock)


There’s not one, but two beautiful savanna villages in this Minecraft Seed for Pocket/Bedrock Edition. Enter the seed code ‘grownono’ or 508164565 in version 1.12 or higher to give it a look. When you spawn into the world you’ll be on the edge of a large plains biome. It’s nice and flat — perfect for a nice big house build. But, that’s not what we’re after.

You should be able to see the larger savanna village. It’s undoubtedly the best looking of the two. From that village exit on the long path the goes back into the plains biome and you’ll be on course to get to the mountain village. It’s not too far of a hike. Elsewhere in the seed you’ll find mountains, plenty of wood to cut, small bodies of water and a really cool landscape past the larger village. Enjoy!


Villages from Above
Overhead view of the spawn point, plains biome and two savanna villages in the seed.
Savanna Village Across Plains
If you exit the first savanna village on the path that leads to the plains biome you’re pointed at village #2..
Savanna Mountain Village
The second savanna village is in, on and around a savanna m biome.
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4 Replies to “Savanna Villages on the Great Plains [Minecraft PE 1.12 Seed]”

  1. OK… I went to the villager on the thumbnail and IT WAS ABANDONED, I found it SO cool that with the years that the seed got Old the villagers also did…not playing on it, I was just visiting but, found It cool

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