Minecraft house ideas

Whether you’re new to Minecraft and looking for a house to help survive your first night or you’re simply looking for a cool house ideas, we’ve got you covered. Ready? Let’s get started.

Minecraft House Ideas
Great ideas for Minecraft houses! This one is from Minecraft Builders Inc.

Let’s start with a quick situation that every new Minecraft player faces. You started a new survival game of Minecraft. After a day of punching trees and gathering wood you realized that yes, Minecraft does have the concept of day and night. And, night can be dangerous. You’re going to need some sort of house to survive your first night.

An easy Minecraft house: Dig in

Even if you’re really light on items in your inventory, there’s always hope. When someone says ‘just build a house’ the first thing that comes to mind is four walls, a door and a roof. Well, if night is falling you don’t have enough material to make those walls and roof you’re going to have to take advantage of what’s around you.

The easiest way to make a quick house is to dig one out of the ground. That could be digging into the side of a hill or even making a house underground. Either way – bring a torch. It’s going to be dark. And, if you are new, great things to bring with you to make your first night (or nights) feasible include a crafting table, furnace, and, of course, a bed.

A perfect hillside for a first night house. We started digging into the dirt not long before daylight ended.
The entrance to the house. It’s not much, but it’ll keep us alive!
It’s work time. There’s no bed, but there’s a furnace and crafting table. Who needs sleep anyway?

A Minecraft starter house to call your own

So, you’ve made it through the first night (or nights) and you’re looking for a house that’s… cool. You need a starter house that has the essentials but doesn’t leave you feeling like an underground dweller like the first night house above.

Essentials? For the starter house we’re thinking everything we had in the first night house (a crafting table, a furnace, torches and a door) plus a bed, at least one chest, and a few rooms. Here’s one we made recently.

Minecraft House - Outside
This simple Minecraft house is made mainly of wood and cobblestone with a few glass panes.
Minecraft Home Interior
The interior has a bed and chest on the far end. The floor is wood planks.
House Kitchen
By the house’s door there is a small kitchen area, chest, furnace and crafting table.

Build this awesome medieval house

Medieval houses are very popular in Minecraft. The just feel right. When a new game starts and you spawn, the adventure of gathering resources and building a shelter combined with the level of technology available in the game points to a medieval time.

Follow along in the video below to go from a bare patch of plains biome to a very impressive medieval home. Buildings like this take some time. But, with some practice, and using drawings and blueprints of houses and structures from different periods in history, you too can become a master Minecraft house builder!

Build this medieval house!

How to build a modern house in Minecraft

Second only to medieval builds are modern house builds. What’s cool about modern house builds is you can work from inspiration in real life. Take the modern house in the tutorial video below. You’ll get to see the real-world home that was the basis for the build, step-by-step instructions, and the final creation in Minecraft.

From reality to Minecraft: Build a modern home!