Blacksmith Iron, Diamonds and Gold

Minecraft Iron Seed

Seed: CLW
Seed Code: 66830
Platform: Minecraft PC/Mac (Java)
Tested On: Minecraft 1.11


Talk about easy precious ore! This Minecraft iron seed spawns you in a plains biome with a blacksmith village easily in sight. The village is at the edge of a roofed forest biome, at the foot of an extreme hill. Inside the blacksmith’s chest you’ll find iron, diamonds and gold. Considering that 12 of the 17 items are either iron or made from iron, we’d have to say this is an iron seed first and foremost! Browse our full collection of Minecraft Seeds.

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Blacksmith Village w/Iron, Diamonds, Gold
The iron, diamonds and gold are in the blacksmith’s chest at game spawn.

Raised Crops Blacksmith Village
Some of the crops are raised high above the blacksmith village.
User Rating 3.77 (65 votes)

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14 Replies to “Blacksmith Iron, Diamonds and Gold”

  1. there is another village northwest of the village and it is after the HUGE swampland that is by the giant mountains and it is about 50000 blocks away. Very cool map

  2. Hi!
    IVe not tried this seed yet, but I’d like to ask if the village is right next to spawn because abuse knowing me I probably wouldn’t see it if it was more than 75 blocks away!
    (Sorry if I’ve already commented this, my phone is being abit weird!)

  3. I can’t find it ;_; I really wanna use this seed, but it’s not working. The village is nowhere to be found.

  4. Did you put in the seed number or the seed because I’ve made that mistake before you put in the seed not the number and you should spawn in a dark oak forest by a pond then walk out the forest a bit and you should find it

  5. spawned me near a village, blacksmith didnt have anything. none of the diamond seeds i try work with the Java version ugh

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