Bryce Mesa, Rivers and Canyons

Minecraft Bryce Mesa Seed

Seed: isboy
Seed Code: 100493410
Platform: Minecraft PC/Mac (Java)
Tested On: Minecraft 1.11


Minecraft Bryce mesa seeds are especially scenic in the PC version of Minecraft. Whether there is any actual difference between the PC/Mac renditions and their mobile counterparts, they just look better. Maybe it’s the scale. Regardless, plug in the seed ‘isboy’ and you’ll find yourself in the middle of a mesa biome. There’s canyon walls that look to have been carved by rivers winding through them. On the edges of the biome you’ll find the Bryce formations. There are several bizarre exposed mineshafts that aren’t of much value as they are completely above ground. There is plenty of gold to be mined from spotty cave entrances, however.

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

In-Spike Abandoned Mineshaft
An abandoned mineshaft awkwardly placed inside a Bryce spike formation.

Bryce Mesa Formations - Minecraft
Some of the Bryce formations in the mesa biome in this seed.
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  1. If you head north, there are two sunken ships within 100 meters of each other with three chests each which hold emeralds two treasure maps iron ore chain mail armor and food. From the southern ship you can see a blacksmith village to the west which has more gold iron string and food. And just south of that is a desert temple with even more loot.

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