Badlands Bay and Multiple Abandoned Mineshafts, Above Ground Spawner

Minecraft Badlands Seed

Seed Code: 83539627
Platform: PC/Mac (Minecraft Java Edition)
Tested On: Minecraft 1.13


We think you’re going to like this badlands biome seed for Minecraft 1.13+. From the spawn point there is a mineshaft directly behind you (face east). If you continue exploring to the east you’ll stumble across and above-ground mob spawner and plenty of rails. The big attraction in this Java Edition Seed is to the west or spawn, however.  We found ravines that intersected with abandoned mineshafts (and there’s plenty of gold, iron and coal within them) and plenty of rails to collect. In one smaller corridor we also came across an minecart chest. The coordinates to that corridor are -88 73 -29 if you want to teleport right over to it.

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Mineshaft by Spawn
There is a Mineshaft right by spawn (face East).
Bigger Abandoned Mineshafts
Expansive abandoned mineshaft are in the badlands to the west.

Ravine, Mineshaft and Rails
To the west – a ravine with an abandoned mineshaft, rails and gold.
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