Chest Loot Seed: Minecart with Chest x11 by Spawn!

Minecraft Minecart with Chest Seed

Seed Number:-671686628
Platform:PC/Mac (Minecraft Java Edition)
Tested On:Minecraft 1.13


This is one of the rarest seed finds we’ve had in awhile and definitely the largest minecart with chest concentrations we have found. Within about a 100 block radius of spawn there’s 11 minecarts with chests. Three of them are outside and the rest are within the mesa biome’s abandoned mineshaft system. The abandoned mineshaft system itself is impressive, too. After finding the 11 chests we did a loot inventory and had over 300 items. The most notable loot included 11 ingots (3 gold and 8 iron), 2 golden apples,  tons of rails including activator rails and powered rails, an enchanted book, name tags, lapis lazuli, redstone dust and other helpful items like food, coal and torches. Here’s the thing: we’re sure there are more minecart chests. We marked our progress with torches pretty well, but we know we left some tunnels unexplored!

Minecart with Chest Coordinates

  • Minecart Chest #1: 0 69 -10
  • Minecart Chest #2: 19 73 -22
  • Minecart Chest #3: 35 74 -19
  • Minecart Chest #4: 8 68 3
  • Minecart Chest #5: 24 66 -14
  • Minecart Chest #6: 3 67 73
  • Minecart Chest #7: 10 61 34
  • Minecart Chest #8: 16 72 9
  • Minecart Chest #9: -32 65 -51
  • Minecart Chest #10: -17 73 25
  • Minecart Chest #11: 4 72 32

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Chest Loot
This is the loot we had after finding the 11 chests.
Mesa/Badlands Biome
The spawn point is in a large mesa/badlands biome.
Minecart Chest Tunnel
The majority of the minecarts are inside the mesa biome’s abandoned mineshafts.
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