Beautiful Bamboo Jungle Hills, Jungle and Forest [Bedrock]

Minecraft PE/Bedrock Bamboo Seed

Seed Code:1993562955
Minecraft:Pocket Edition/PE/Bedrock Edition
Tested On:Minecraft PE 1.12 (Bedrock)


Spawn blocks away from a dense Bamboo Hills biome in this Minecraft Seed for PE/Bedrock (1.11, 1.12+). Enter the seed ‘COPEAK’ (or 1993562955). You’ll spawn on a beach in between and ocean and jungle biome. In one direction, endless jungle, sand beach and ocean. In the other, more jungle and that bamboo hills biome.

Like the jungle, the bamboo forest is very dense. And, it’s very mature (tall). Out in the ocean there’s a cool chain of islands in the water that look like they’d be a good place to build an empire. Enjoy the seed!


Minecraft Bamboo Seed for PE/Bedrock
The bamboo hills biome in this Minecraft PE/Bedrock seed is very, very dense with tall bamboo stalks.
Jungle Biome, Ocean, Beach
In the opposite direction of the Jungle Hills biome there’s jungle, beach and lots of ocean.
User Rating 3.74 (23 votes)

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