Woodland Mansion Seed with Mega-Mineshaft Below!

Minecraft PE Mansion Seed

Seed: BewitchedCurse
Seed Code: -1025886865
Minecraft: Pocket Edition/PE/Bedrock Edition
Tested On: Minecraft 1.11
Credit: TelepathicGrunt


This is one special Pocket Edition seed and definitely the best seed we’ve seen for 1.1.. and all the way up to 1.6+. It’s not only a woodland mansion seed, it’s a woodland mansion seed where the mansion is about 200 blocks from the spawn point. Oh, and before we forget, there’s the largest abandoned mineshaft we’ve ever seen directly beneath it. First, let’s give credit and thanks to TelepathicGrunt. He found it, posted it over on Amino and was cool enough to share it so we could share it with you. Give TelepathicGrunt a thumbs up in the comments–I’m sure he’d appreciate it.

About that mineshaft. There’s some very strange (cool) things about it. This seed seems to be generating an infinite number of mineshafts. TelepathicGrunt described it:

As I searched these Mineshafts, I found the Dirt Rooms spawn in a diagonal row of four next to each other. And the rows themselves are spaced 50-70 blocks diagonally starting from under the Mansion and heads on to infinity! I even went to X: 5000, Y: 13, Z: 5000 and X: 10000, Y: 13, Z: 10000 and I WAS STILL FINDING THE MINESHAFTS!

We checked it out. He’s right. We’re really hoping this isn’t some programming glitch that gets ‘fixed’ in a later version of the game, but that it is a numerical anomaly that produced, and will continue to produce, this amazing, one of a kind seed!

Okay, let’s wrap things up so you can get playing. Here’s what you need to do so you can check out what this seed has to offer. First, fire up a new infinite creative or survival game in version 1.1 or higher (required) and use the seed ‘BewitchedCurse’ (or -1025886865). When the world renders, head straight toward the roofed forest. Within a few seconds you’ll start to see the roofline of the mansion. TelepathicGrunt was good enough to leave several coordinates to help you find your way (again, thanks to him can be provided in the comments below)! We’ve included those coordinates below. His original post in on Amino. A simply awesome seed!


  • Dig Site for Abandoned Mansion: 345, 65, 302 (check the screenshots for a visual)
  • Dungeon beneath one of the Mansion Walls: 400, 13, 285
  • One room (of many) featuring one or more Chest Minecarts: 365, 13, 325

Minecraft PE Seed Screenshots

The mansion is straight ahead from the game spawn point.
Mushroom Dig Mansion
Dig down against the wall by the mushroom on the far side of the mansion. You’ll fall into the mega-mineshaft.
Minecart Chests
Two minecart chests. There are several rooms like this!
Mineshaft on Bedrock
The Mineshaft reaches all the way to Bedrock!
Diamonds Below
We found diamonds (and just about every other ore) in the mineshaft tunnels and rooms.

Mineshaft Room
This is the first room of the mineshaft that we plopped into.
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16 Replies to “Woodland Mansion Seed with Mega-Mineshaft Below!”

  1. The end portal is at -2085, 47, 1387. It has two eyes of ender already, so you’ll only need ten more to activate it. You might want to use the nether for traveling, seeing as the portal is so far away. Hope this helps!

    1. I think they fixed this seed now. The first time I used it it worked amazing…. everytime since…. the mineshaft is gone

  2. I’m just wondering if the coordinates change for the mineshaft for this particular seed. I found the mushroom in the exact location and such but after digging down, have failed to find any mineshaft.

  3. The number seed is the only one that works for me…but the mineshaft is HUUUUGE! I went beyond x=20000, z=20000 and it was STILL GOING!!!

  4. On 1.9 PE, I went all the way to 100000, 13, 100000 and it was STILL GOING! I am going to test it on the latest version to see if it still works. If it does, i will see if it is even MORE epic!

  5. Bewitchedcurse didn’t work for me but it spwaned me near a village with a butcher but no blacksmith ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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