Bedrock Badlands with Exposed Spawner and Ravine Dungeon [1.11, 1.12+]

Minecraft PE/Bedrock Badlands Seed

Seed Code:1915631036
Minecraft:Pocket Edition/PE/Bedrock Edition
Tested On:Minecraft PE 1.12 (Bedrock)


There is so much goodness in this PE/Bedrock Minecraft badlands biome seed. Enter the seed ‘drdrive’. When the world has rendered you’ll be in a plains biome on a river across from the eroded badlands biome. One thing. to know is that beyond the abandoned mineshaft (which will have hostile mobs) there’s no shelter around. Check out our Minecraft house ideas if you need some inspiration. Whatever you do, get some shelter before nightfall!

Entering the biome you’ll find minecart chests on the surface sitting on easy to grab rails and plenty of abandoned mineshaft entrances.

Exploring a bit further and you’ll encounter a ravine that is loaded with gold ore and diamonds. One of the coolest features is an exposed dungeon on one of the ravine’s walls. The mob spawner in the dungeon of one of two spawners in this seed.


  • Surface Mob Spawner: 666, 72, 64
  • Minecart Chest #1: 657, 69, -11
  • Minecart Chest #2: 638, 69, 7
  • Minecart Chest #3: 628, 71, 16
  • Ravine: 659, 66, 33
  • Ravine Exposed Dungeon and Spawner: 621, 19, 31


Mob Spawner - Minecraft PE/Bedrock
An exposed mob spawner in the mesa/badlands biome not far from spawn.
Exposed Dungeon and Spawner Ravine
An exposed dungeon and mob spawner in a ravine rich in gold and diamonds.
Badlands Minecart Chest
One of three surface minecart chests on the badlands biome surface.
Diamonds and Gold on the Ravine Walls
There is plenty of ore on the ravine’s walls including diamonds and gold.
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