Coastal Jungle w/Pyramid, Shipwreck Near Spawn

Minecraft Jungle Pyramid Seed

Seed: greenlion
Seed Code: 2067678623
Platform: PC/Mac (Minecraft Java Edition)
Tested On: Minecraft 1.14


We love this 1.13+ seed for Minecraft Java Edition. You spawn in a jungle biome. Inland you’ll find a jungle pyramid (formerly just known as a temple). South of spawn just offshore you’ll find a shipwreck. The shipwreck has some nice loot, too. There’s emeralds, tons of iron ingots and nuggets and gold, too! There’s also a buried treasure map in a second chest. We didn’t chase down the buried treasure (let us know what you find if you do), though. To get to the shipwreck simply head toward the sun until you hit the beach. Then, continue southward until you reach the shipwreck.


  • Jungle Pyramid: -256,,0
  • Shipwreck: -208,,112

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Spawn View of Ocean from Jungle
From spawn head toward the sun to reach the ocean shore.
The shipwreck is south of spawn.
Emeralds, Iron and Gold
The ship’s chests have emeralds, iron, gold and a buried treasure map.

Jungle Pyramid Temple
The Jungle Pyramid (formerly just called a Temple) is right near spawn, too.
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10 Replies to “Coastal Jungle w/Pyramid, Shipwreck Near Spawn”

  1. I found the treasure chest. Its at X=217.300 Y=55. 875000 and Z=601.700. It contains 5 Prismarine crystals, 2 Cooked Salmon, 2 TNT, 2 Cooked Cod and 1 Heart of the Sea. Who ever needs me to find anything like again, or needs me to find information about a seed can email me at

  2. Hi my name is Mr Nobody so can you make it so I can see the seed numbers because there is a update to the game so I need to know the seed so please tell in a few more hours just in like 10 more hours but remember what i said okay ad the seed because there is a new update

  3. Hello! I was following the ship wreck treasure map of a comment above, I found another ship with another chest if anyone is interested. You have three chests in the ship (the ship is half above water) includings loots such as: curset leather chest plate, wheat, carrots, potatoes, zombie flesh, 2 blank books, paper, iron ingots and nuggets, lapis, etc. Place: X: 322,856 Y: 063,000 Z: -909,945
    You will find the treasure chest right close to it in the dessert, at these blocks: X: 377,478 Y: 060,000 Z: -950,306. You’ll find in it: One heart of the sea, gold ingots, 2 diamonds, 1 TNT, 6 cooked Cod. I might be forgetting something, but that’s mostly what’s inside. I’m glad if it helped some!

  4. I also found a third boat on this seed while I was heading to the other treasure chest said above. Coordinates: X: 322.856 Y: 63 Z: -909.945. You’ll find 3 chests including iron ingots, iron nuggets, papers, empty books, treasure map, wheat, carrots, potatoes, zombie flesh and a cursed leather plate. Treasure map coordinates: X: 377.478 Y: 60 Z: -950.306. You’ll find: 1 heart of the sea, 6 cooked cod, 1 TNT, Gold ingots, 2 diamonds and maybe more. Hope this can help some!

  5. I found a double ravine under the beach near the first shipwreck.
    I was “bone mealing” the water next to the beach when the sand fell and and I found two ravines under the beach!

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