Diamonds & Iron: 2x Desert Blacksmith Village Spawn

Minecraft Blacksmith Village Seed

Seed Code: 1955368017
Platform: PC/Mac (Minecraft Java Edition)
Tested On: Minecraft 1.13


This Minecraft Java Edition 1.13+ seed has two desert blacksmith villages, both close to spawn. The first blacksmith village (and closest to spawn) is to the northwest and should be clearly visible. If you’re looking for a shortcut toward full iron armor or crafting an anvil, you’ve come to the right place. Loot in the first blacksmith’s chest includes two diamonds, 7 iron ingots, iron boots, 4 obsidian and 7 apples.

The second desert village is to the south. This one may or may not be visible from spawn; it’s dependent on how far your view distance is cranked up. The second blacksmith chest has two diamonds, iron leggings, an iron sword, three more obsidian and a few loaves of bread for good measure. With desert, plains, birch forest, savanna and ocean biomes this seed provides a nice variety of resources at spawn, too.


  • Desert Blacksmith Village #1: -352,,-208
  • Desert Blacksmith Village #2 : -272,,224

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Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Blacksmith Village #1
The 1st Blacksmith Village (-352,,-208) as seen hovering over spawn.
Blacksmith Chest #1
Contents of the first blacksmith’s chest.
Blacksmith Village #2
The 2nd Blacksmith Village (-272,,224) as seen hovering over spawn.

Blacksmith Chest 2
Contents of the second blacksmith’s chest.
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19 Replies to “Diamonds & Iron: 2x Desert Blacksmith Village Spawn”

  1. Be careful, very near to spawn is a huuuuuuge chasm, it’s a 52 block drop, and it goes on quite a ways in multiple directions.

  2. There’s a wrecked ship when you turn around from spawn that has diamonds, emeralds, gold nuggets, and iron nuggets!

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