PE Survival Island Seed: One Oak Tree, One Birch Tree

Minecraft PE/Bedrock Edition Survival Island Seed

Seed Code:67080907
Minecraft:Pocket Edition/PE/Bedrock Edition
Tested On:Minecraft 1.11


We’ve found survival islands with a lot of resources to just about nothing to speak of. This is literally as close as you can get to on a one-tree survival island. It’s a two tree survival island seed! The small, flat survival island you spawn on has a single oak tree and a single birch tree. There are a few other small islands and sand bars right by game spawn. Beyond that, it’s all deep ocean. Will it be a birch wood boat, or an oak wood boat?

Minecraft PE Seed Screenshots

 Spawn Islands
The survival island you spawn on is a part of an island chain.

Minecraft PE Seed Code
The Minecraft PE seed code is FORCE.
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