Minecon 2017 – Minecon Earth – Days Away!

It’s almost here. Minecon 2017, officially called Minecon Earth, invades the planet on November 18th. The event is going virtual this year, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be in-person action, too. The list of viewing parties worldwide is growing and this year’s event is sure to be not only one of the biggest, but one of the best. Here’s some reason’s you should strongly consider tuning in. But first, we’ll cover the most important details: when and where.

Minecon 2017 – Minecon Earth – When, Where and How

Minecon 2017 – It’s Virtual

At first the thought of a virtual Minecon made things sound a bit less exciting. In years past, getting as many Minecrafters as possible in one physical location has been the norm. But, after reading why this year’s event will be virtual, it makes sense.

The past year for Minecraft has been focused on inclusiveness. And, while the Java Edition has been sidelined from much of where the Minecraft platform is headed in the long run, a good word to describe Mojang and Microsoft’s vision would be ‘inclusiveness.’ The evolution of the console, Pocket and Windows 10 editions into a single codebase brings a new level of inclusiveness to the platform. And, even though Java Edition is a standalone, development and updates to the original PC/Mac version of the game haven’t left it behind either.

You Pick a New Mob at Minecon 2017

One very cool aspect of Minecon 2017 is that the virtual attendees will vote a new mob into Minecraft. The Mojang team has created four mobs they feel worthy of a spot in the game but will leave the final decision up to Minecon attendees.

IRL Minecon 2017 Events and Viewing Parties

Even though the 2017 Minecon is a virtual one, that doesn’t mean Mojang forgot how fun in-person events are. If you’re hoping for some IRL action, here’s two great options you can consider: viewing parties on the day of Minecraft Earth and Official Minecraft Community Events throughout the year.

Viewing Parties

There are many viewing parties that have sprouted up since Minecon Earth was announced. You can find a viewing party by checking out the list of parties on Minecraft.net. Most of the parties are concentrated in the United States, but hopefully more international events will spring up.

Official Minecraft Community Events

This is really cool. Mojang has selected a few partners to host IRL events this year. Those partners have been given the green light to host official Minecraft events that will bring Minecraft YouTube celebs, activities and flat-out fun to a few locations.

Follow the chosen companies to find out when an Official Minecraft Community Event is near you:

Staying Up-to-Date with Minecon Earth

To get the latest Minecon Earth information, keep an eye on the official event page. And, of course, don’t forget to mark your calendar for November 19th, 2017 at 10:00 AM (MST)!

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