Minecraft Color Codes and Text Format Codes

Use the color codes listed below for changing the color and style of text in the message of the day (MOTD), chat and when using commands.

Minecraft Color Codes

The table below lists all Minecraft color codes.

Color Name Chat Code MOTD DEC HEX
Dark Red dark_red §4 \u00A74 11141120 AA0000
Red red §c \u00A7c 16733525 FF5555
Gold gold §6 \u00A76 16755200 FFAA00
Yellow yellow §e \u00A7e 16777045 FFFF55
Dark Green dark_green §2 \u00A72 43520 00AA00
Green green §a \u00A7a 5635925 55FF55
Aqua aqua §b \u00A7b 5636095 55FFFF
Dark Aqua dark_aqua §3 \u00A73 43690 00AAAA
Dark Blue dark_blue §1 \u00A71 170 0000AA
Blue blue §9 \u00A79 5592575 5555FF
Light Purple light_purple §d \u00A7d 16733695 FF55FF
Dark Purple dark_purple §5 \u00A75 11141290 AA00AA
White white §f \u00A7f 16777215 FFFFFF
Gray gray §7 \u00A77 11184810 AAAAAA
Dark Gray dark_gray §8 \u00A78 5592405 555555
Black black §0 \u00A70 0 000000

Text Formatting Codes

The table below lists all available Minecraft text formatting styles.

CodeOutput FormatExample
§LBoldMinecraft Format Code
§mStrikethroughMinecraft Format Code
§nUnderlineMinecraft Format Code
§oItalicsMinecraft Format Code
§rResetMinecraft Format Code