How to make a furnace in Minecraft

Minecraft Versions

Minecraft Bedrock Edition0.3.2
Minecraft Java Edition1.0.1

Required Items

  • 8 Cobblestone


Time needed: 1 minute.

furnace is an item in Minecraft which can be used to make other items through the process of smelting.

A furnace is crafted with a crafting table from 8 cobblestone. The crafting process creates 1 furnace for each set of ingredients used.

  1. Open the crafting menu

    With 8 cobblestone in your inventory, open the crafting menu. You will be presented with the 3×3 crafting grid.

    Minecraft Make a Furnace - Step 1

  2. Arrange the items on the crafting grid

    Arrange the cobblestone on the crafting grid in the correct positions as illustrated below. The furnace will appear to the right of the 3×3 crafting grid.

    Minecraft Make a Furnace - Step 2

    The recipe for a furnace is 8 cobblestone arranged in the following pattern:
    Row 1: cobblestone,cobblestonecobblestone
    Row 2: cobblestone, empty, cobblestone
    Row 3: cobblestonecobblestonecobblestone

  3. Place the completed furnace in your player inventory

    Select the furnace and move it into your player inventory.

    Minecraft Make a Furnace - Step 3