Vast Flat Plains and a Large Roofed Forest Island [Java 1.14/1.15 Seed]


Spawn in a large flat plains biome beside a massive roofed forest island in the seed for Minecraft Java Edition 1.15, 1.14, and greater. A great survival or creative game start with scattered resources, a shipwreck and a village. And, of course, the vast flat plains biome is perfect for building a castle or city.

Pillager Outpost, 3 Villages, Mineshaft [Minecraft 1.14]

Pillager Outpost, 3 Villages, Mineshaft

This world seed kicks off your game at a pillager outpost centrally located between 3 villages with a variety of villager occupations, buildings and loot. One of the villages also has a cool mineshaft beneath it, so be sure to dig a bit and grab some of the loot that hides below!