Village Cut in Half by Ravine – for Java 1.14+

Minecraft Ravine Seed

Seed Code:2467475923055248755
Minecraft:PC/Mac (Minecraft Java Edition)
Tested On:Minecraft 1.14


Set out across a rolling plains biome and make your way to this unique village. Sitting atop a double-depth ravine, you’ll find the village’s church is straddling an abyss.

We like the world that this seed creates. Beyond the village and ravine there’s good surrounding biomes: ocean, plains, swamp and plenty of trees, too. Inside the ravine itself there’s some easy ore to grab (consider crafting ladders), but it’s mostly of the common variety (coal and iron).

This seed was a contribution from the Seed Forums, and thanks go to essenger for posting it. If you find any other standout landmarks when playing, add coordinates to what you find in the comments below!


Ravine Biome View
The view from inside the ravine, at the bottom of the first stage or two.
Village and Ravine from Spawn
From spawn head across the plains biome to the village and ravine.
User Rating 4.13 (23 votes)

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7 Replies to “Village Cut in Half by Ravine – for Java 1.14+”

  1. me and my sister were bingeing seeds, and stumbled upon this one.
    nice village, good amount of mobs, but couldnt find the ravine. kept as a survival world anyway, 3 stars, would use again.

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