Vast Flat Plains and a Large Roofed Forest Island [Java 1.14/1.15 Seed]

Minecraft Plains Seed

Seed Code:1740898261
Minecraft:PC/Mac (Minecraft Java Edition)
Tested On:Minecraft 1.15


In this Minecraft 1.15 seed for Java Edition the spawn point is in a huge plains biome. It’s perfect for building a house, castle, or city if building is your thing. On one edge of the island there is a village within view. On the other, there’s a shipwreck just offshore as well as a massive roofed forest island.

The roofed forest island has a nice bay on one shore. There’s plenty of what you’d expect — trees and mushrooms are scattered everywhere. A Minecraft 1.14.4 seed that works on 1.14 and Minecraft 1.15.


Roofed Forest Island
The huge roofed forest island taken from above.
Village Near Spawn
From the nearby village looking back at the plains biome and roofed forest island.
The shipwreck is just off the coast of the plains biome.
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