Pillager Outpost attached to Desert Pyramid [Java]

Minecraft Pillager Outpost Seed

Seed Code:-1119120068
Minecraft:PC/Mac (Minecraft Java Edition)
Tested On:Minecraft 1.14


This Minecraft Pillager Outpost Seed for Java Edition is either a two-for-one or a three-for-one depending on what you like at spawn. In Minecraft 1.14 Java or higher, enter the seed JACKPIT (or -1119120068) and wait for the world to render. Then, take a look around.

In one direction you’ll find the primary feature of the site: a pillager outpost that is attached to a desert pyramid. It’s visible from the spawn point, but I you need coordinates head to 112,,192. In just about the opposite direction you’ll find a desert village. It’s at -288,,272 where the desert biome meets a birch forest biome.

The three structures at spawn make for a good start to a creative game, but an even better survival starting point.


Pillager Outpost and Desert Pyramid
The pillager outpost and desert pyramid as seen from the spawn point.
Desert Village
The desert village is less than 400 blocks from spawn.
Villager and a Golem
Villagers (and the village golem wandering in the background).
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5 Replies to “Pillager Outpost attached to Desert Pyramid [Java]”

  1. OMG this. OMG. This seed has so many things. I’m in creative mode because I’m giving this Minecraft with a built house to a friend for Christmas (AKA today), and I’ve been exploring throughout these three days, and I’ve found like 20 villages, 50 desert temples 1 witch hut, 3 pillager towers, 10 desert wells, and like 20 mineshafts. It’s a GREAT seed and I’m in love with it… I might just put it on my own Minecraft as well! JEEZ. GREAT FIND. Also. This is all within… a 3000 block radius from the SPAWN. I’ve also only explored really two directions, and some of these villages are so close together! Great world… I can’t… I just can’t. It is a lot of desert, so, maybe hard making a bed, but with all the villages, just raid one and some crops, and your SET.

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