Killer Spawn: Beside Jungle Temple by Pillager Outpost! [1.14]

Minecraft Temple Seed

Seed Code:2029492581
Minecraft:PC/Mac (Minecraft Java Edition)
Tested On:Minecraft 1.14


This is awesome. Enter the seed FEARARTEMIS (or, by number, enter 2029492581). The world that generates spawns you in a jungle biomes beside a jungle temple/pyramid. That right there is a pretty cool spawn. But, there’s more. Look across the river that cuts between the jungle and desert biome. Easily in view, maybe a few hundred blocks away is a pillager outpost.

The bit of distance here is nice. Playing a survival game you’ll have some time to arm yourself if you want to take on the pillagers. Visible biomes of note include the expected jungle and desert biomes as well as river and ocean. Looking further in the distance there’s extreme hills/mountainous regions including cold ones that are snow capped.


Desert Biome Pillager Outpost and Jungle Temple
The pillager outpost is on a beach/in a desert biome in this Minecraft seed.
Pillagers Hunting Rabbits
We interrupted these pillagers from their pastime of hunting rabbits. Interesting.
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