Jungle Village, Plains, Flower Forest and a Pyramid [1.14 Seed]

Minecraft Jungle Village Seed

Seed Code:1970945029
Minecraft:PC/Mac (Minecraft Java Edition)
Tested On:Minecraft 1.14


For a minute we thought that there might actually be a jungle village in Java Edition but we missed the memo. Turns out we were half right, half wrong. Just across the flat plains biome that you spawn into in this seed you’ll find a savanna village that has crept into a jungle biome. Many village structures are partially in the jungle biome (or on its edge) but there’s at least two buildings and a few lamp posts that are squarely in the jungle.

Elsewhere in the seed, we already mentioned the plains biome but will again. It’s a great place to build a base or a large home to get started. Just past it you’ll find a flower forest biome followed by a desert biome. In the desert there’s a pyramid, too (coordinates: 160,,-368). Let us know what you think of that village and what else you find in the area!


Village in Jungle Biome
The jungle village is a savanna village which has crept into a jungle biome.
Village from Hovering Above Spawn
Cross the plains and river to get to the nearby village.
Flower Forest and Plains Biomes
Opposite the direction of the village is a flat plains biome and a flower forest biome.
Desert Pyramid/Temple
Further into the desert (past the flower forest) you’ll find a pyramid to loot.
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9 Replies to “Jungle Village, Plains, Flower Forest and a Pyramid [1.14 Seed]”

  1. I love this kind of seed,I mean this jungle and village and also biome.And yeah Iove this seed.Thank you for giving us this seeds by the way.

  2. epic seed. on the other side of the out post is a desert village AND pyramid. also beyond that is spruce forest and snowy hills. in the jungle is bamboo, pumpkins and melons.

  3. right on the edge of the flower forest there’s a spider spawner in a dungeon, only a couple of blocks under ground! Just walk the border between the flower forest and the plains, you can easily hear the spiders from the surface.

    Awesome seed so far, everything you need to get started is right near spawn.

  4. i typed in this exact seed but spawned in void. litterly. THE. VOID.
    nothing anywhere. a never ending pit. i was caught in a constant death cycle, and had to delete the world. i rate this seed a 0 stars, would not use again.

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